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    Moved for work and missing all the shows back home in the US? With the installation-free and easy-to-use StreamLocator router hub, you can start watching your favorite streaming services from the United States instantly.

    Ontario, Canada-based StreamLocator has announced the launch of its new StreamLocator router hub that allows users to watch US Netflix and other streaming services from outside the United States. The device was created to give customers access to shows that they might not ordinarily have access to.

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    The recently launched StreamLocator router hub is intended to help customers view other countries’ versions of Netflix and gain access to that programming, whether it’s for customers who have moved countries and want to view something back home, see another country’s lineup, or to get around blackouts.

    The StreamLocator hub is designed to be simpler than the traditional options like a VPN or DNS service by reducing the typical amount of time spent setting those systems up with a three-step system. After customers sign-up for the monthly subscription service, the StreamLocator is plugged into the wireless router and then connected to the streaming device of choice to begin operating.

    The functionality of the StreamLocator router hub is compatible with any device a customer would use to stream, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and phones. It is also compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Amazon products.

    If you are wondering what a service like this is going to cost you, StreamLocator has announced the launch of its new router hub with a 30-day refund guarantee. Customers pay the $6.99 subscription fee, and the unit is included.

    Robert H, a customer of StreamLocator, shared his experience setting up the device. “I have tried many VPNs, as I have Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon. With US subscriptions, especially Amazon kept having problems. Then came StreamLocator. Now all of my programs work. No VPNs to load and no worries about a new version which will give the dreaded ‘not available in your region.’ Thank you StreamLocator!”

    There’s no reason you can’t be enjoying your favorite shows just because you’re away from the comforts of home. Sign up for StreamLocator hub today and get back to enjoying all of your streaming services – without the hassle of a VPN!

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