Get A Solar Oven That Can Cook When It’s Cloudy & A Power Bank For Overnight


    It’s not easy being green – but this hybrid solar oven definitely helps. Your hunger can’t wait for good weather, so you need to be able to cook even when it’s cloudy or snowing out. With the GoSun Fusion, you can have an environmentally friendly oven that’s ready to cook, any time.

    The recently launched GoSun Fusion is a hybrid solar oven that can also operate using a 12-volt power source from your vehicle or power bank. Using only solar power, the oven can cook meals large enough for 4 to 6 people at once, and can operate in any weather.

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    While most solar ovens require full sunlight to cook, the new GoSun Fusion uses vacuum technology to heat or keep your food warm in the rain, snow, or cloudy conditions. The oven was recently named one of the top sustainable and ethically made gadgets of 2021.

    Using only solar power, the Fusion can reach temperatures up to 550 F, which is hotter than some kitchen ovens. Unlike regular ovens that are difficult to clean, the Fusion just needs the meal tray washed in between each use, and occasionally the food tube, to remove gradual buildup from the steam.

    The Fusion has a 145 oz capacity and can cook enough food for your whole family in about an hour, or heat pre-cooked meals in as little as 15 minutes. You can find a list of estimated cooking times based on meal ingredients and weather conditions on the company’s website.

    To ensure that the oven is portable enough for frequent travel, the company has kept the weight to 14 pounds and made it easy for you to collapse it into a durable package. Once the Fusion has reached its destination, the entire product can deploy and be ready to cook in seconds.

    GoSun also offers an upgraded version, the Fusion Ultimate. This oven comes with solar panels and a power bank that can power the oven overnight or speed up cooking times during poor weather. The power bank can also charge your phones, tablets, or other devices.

    A satisfied client said, “Perfect for sun or shade. Living in the Pacific Northwest, half sunny days are common in this part of the country. The 12v addition to solar makes it possible to cook at any time of day and into the evening. We have used the Fusion for four of the first five days since it arrived and have fully enjoyed every result.”

    Whether you want a portable oven to cook meals when you’re traveling, or you want to reduce your environmental footprint at home – the Fusion has you covered. Don’t settle for a solar oven that can only cook when it’s sunny, get the option that works in any weather, and you’ll never go hungry.

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