Get Access To A Brand New Way Of Painting


    Are you tired of basic paintings? Do you wish there was a new way to create beautiful paintings without the mess of paintbrushes and pastels? If your answer to these questions was yes, then this painting kit is for you!

    Hawaii- Based Diamond Xpress has launched a painting kit that combines the practices of cross stitching and paint by number. This type of painting is known as diamond painting, and allows customers to create 5D pieces of art. It also comes in a variety of styles and can be customized too.

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    The recently launched service provides more aesthetics to the paintings that you are used to seeing. It introduces a new way of creating art that is easy to do but promises hours of fun in the process. In addition to this benefit, the company seeks to expose you to the mental health benefits that diamond paintings provide.

    A standard diamond painting kit includes tiny pieces that have a flat side and a 5D topside, a color-coded adhesive canvas, wax, a drill pen, and a drill tray.

    The process involves pouring the colored tiny pieces or drills into the drill tray, dipping the drill pen in a bit of wax, and then using it to put the pieces onto the canvas as indicated by the color-coded sheet.

    In addition to creating hours of fun and being easy to do, diamond paintings also seek to provide a mental health benefit. There have been many reviews from satisfied customers that indicate that it has the potential to do this. One happy customer had this to say, “I can literally feel my anxiety melting away.”

    While Diamond Xpress produces and sells a variety of diamond paintings for customer satisfaction, they also seek to give you the option of creating custom-made pieces. You can submit photographs that you want to transform into diamond paintings and then spend time putting it together with your family and loved ones. 

    Additionally, the company connects with its customers through its diamond painting club and joining the club incurs a monthly subscription.

    The company understands that new diamond painting methods will arise. As such, they aim to stay connected to their customers so that they can continue learning how to make their products better for generations to come.

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