Get Affordable Contact Center QA Services With Performance Monitoring Dashboards


    While QA represents a significant investment for any contact center, the information it yields can only be useful toward organizational improvements.

    Call Criteria offers quality assurance services for call centers looking to get precise insights into their staff performance. The California-based company provides their clients with a comprehensive view of their QA through industry-leading dashboards.

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    Call Criteria endeavors to equip call centers with the tools they need to improve their service quality while still keeping costs low. They serve a diverse range of industries, which include education, insurance, mortgage, automotive, utilities, financial services, home services, and call tracking.

    By signing up for the QA services, you get access to a responsive dashboard filled with actionable data, allowing you to provide targeted coaching to your staff. The platform has advanced features like scoring and rankings for individual agents, top missed points, and manual call reviews.

    Call Criteria also provides scorecards that are tailored to your specific contact center requirements. Instead of the usual “yes” and “no” responses, the customized scorecards are built using dynamic questions and answers.

    The QA provider helps further streamline your internal processes by allowing all staff levels to create notifications. With their trademark notification manager, your supervisors and managers receive direct coaching alerts in real-time when an agent is in need of assistance. Likewise, your agents are sent notifications for coaching activities.

    Recognizing the value of calibrations in enhancing quality assurance, the company employs a four-step process for accomplished scorecards aimed at ensuring that all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the requirements. 

    Call Criteria provides reliable quality assurance solutions with rates that are typically lower than maintaining an in-house QA team. 

    As a spokesperson from the company states, “There are many benefits to outsourcing your quality assurance and control. It is proven to be highly cost-effective because of the lack of requirement for employing and training new staff to carry out the work. We provide fully accountable, non-biased, easily scalable solutions to every sector of a contact center that requires quality assurance.”

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