Order Personalized Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispensers With Your Logo


    Proper hand hygiene is considered a primary measure for minimizing the risk of transmitting diseases from one person to another.

    Illinois-based company Sani-Spire offers custom-branded hand sanitizer dispensers for businesses looking to promote good hand hygiene within their premises. They employ an easy ordering process for restaurants, offices, retailers, commercial centers, industrial facilities, and other establishments. 

    Learn more at https://sanispire.com.

    The personalized products come at an opportune time as businesses devise ways to help keep their employees and guests safe. With the dispensers in place, your business can provide additional protection against disease-causing germs while also reinforcing your corporate branding.

    Featuring a sleek modern design, the dispensers are available in three standard colors of red, light gray, and black, but they can be manufactured in any color for orders exceeding 100 units. The company’s design team will work with you in creating the custom-branded hand sanitizer stations.

    To get started, you simply have to access the company’s online form and indicate your preferred color and the quantity you wish to order. You’ll also be requested to upload your logo in .eps, .ai, or .pdf format. The company will then email the quote for the project and the mockup for the design.

    All dispensers by Sani-Spire are foot-operated, making for a more reliable dispensing mechanism compared to their battery-operated, sensor-activated counterparts. The hands-free solution is more sanitary than hand pumps as well, since only the gel comes in contact with the user.

    The units have other practical features, such as the tamper-proof cap designed to keep the sanitizer safe and secure. They also have a sturdy free-standing base with pre-drilled holes if you wish to fasten the dispensers to the ground.

    The dispensers’ body is made with a reservoir window as well, so you can conveniently monitor the sanitizer levels and refill as needed. Each 32-ounce bottle of the company’s hand sanitizer gel can be used as much as 1,700 times with their dispensers.

    With the introduction of their custom dispenser, Sani-Spire aims to provide businesses another means to encourage safety measures within their workplace to help prevent the spread of virus-related illnesses. 

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