Get The Best Welding Headgear Protection Equipment Assuring Safety And Comfort


    Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance while welding – gear up with the most advanced hi-tech welding supplies available at Weldtech UK! 

    Weldtech UK, a Cumbria-based welding equipment supplier, has announced a new addition to its extensive line of products. The ESAB-manufactured Sentinel A50 Air Helmet with PAPR Unit 1m Hose Package is now in stock, designed to provide wearers with full respiratory and facial protection while you are welding.

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    Wherever you are in the UK, the newly launched Air Helmet has been added to Weldtech UK’s range of supplies to ensure that you continue to receive the latest, safest equipment that maximises your protection during any kind of professional welding tasks in construction, fabrication, manufacturing and engineering work. 

    The helmet is specially engineered for protecting you from the many well known and all of the newly recognised health hazards you can encounter. It’s a brilliant solution for working in tighter, harsh workspaces. The Sentinel A50 will prevent you from ingesting the harmful particles and gases from welding fumes, which are particularly dangerous in poorly ventilated areas. 

    Adding updated versatility and features to the standard ESAB Sentinel Helmet, the Air model makes use of its included Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) pump and filter unit to provide you with 170 litres of clean, filtered air per minute via its one-metre hose. 

    The battery-powered blowing units are rechargeable, typically covering up to eight hours of operation. Despite weighing only 1 kilogram, the units can withstand the toughest of working environments. 

    Further, the helmet model retains its shell design with high impact resistance nylon. Weldtech UK emphasises that the ergonomic Halo headgear with ultra-clear lens provides additional comfort and balance to ensure that you’re able to work without physical restriction or visual impairment. 

    “If you have to weld, then you also have to protect yourself,” said a company spokesperson. “Now that the more insidious risks of welding are better understood, it’s imperative that your welding hood or helmet is air-fed and keeping those toxic welding fumes and dust out of your lungs.”

    With the new ESAB Sentinel A50 Air Helmet and PAPR Unit 1m Hose Package, Weldtech UK promises you assured protective measures at the very best value for money. 

    If you’re looking for hi-tech safety equipment to boost your performance while offering you maximum protection during welding, visit the product page link, above, for more information on the top air fed welding helmet product available! You can also learn more about Weldtech UK’s full range of high-quality welding supplies at!