Get Automated Sample Focusing & Placement With This Photolithography System


    Could your research facility do with an automated, software-operated and maskless solution to lithographic processing? Call miDALIX today and see how the DaLI can revolutionize your research.

    The company have just launched an updated DaLI maskless photolithography system. The launch provides you with a state-of-the-art solution to material processing for a wide range of scientific and creative applications.

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    The newly updated DaLI system is a tabletop tool for the illumination of lithographic structures, enabling direct-write lithography on micrometer scale.

    Photolithography is a patterning procedure in which most commonly, photosensitive polymer is subjected to selective light exposure through a mask, but miDALIX’s cutting-edge device enables maskless operation, using advanced technology to write image patterns onto substrate. Learn more here

    The DaLI photolithography system is suitable for use in a variety of fields, including material science, microelectronics, quantum optics, biophysics, microfluidics, soft matter research, lab-on-a-chip design and chemical and biological research and experimentation.

    The DaLI is entirely software operated and you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge for effective operation with its user-friendly interface design. It offers you a cost-effective and time-saving solution to in-house prototyping and research with its swift operation time.

    It features fully automated sample focusing and placement and a simple one-button initiation. The DaLI offers direct conversion of your CAD drawings, thermal stabilization, intelligent table-tracking and industry-leading precision.

    Other features include sub-1 um critical dimension, grayscale illumination with hundreds of intensity levels, integrated digital microscope for alignment and inspection and temperature control utilizing solid state chiller. Acousto-optic deflector enables illumination of over 100,000 random dots per second without a single mechanical move.

    The system ships with all connecting cables, the chiller, coolant hoses, and the DaLI software.

    miDALIX are a team of highly skilled mechanical engineers, electronic and optics specialists, physics professors, chemical engineers and nanoparticle scientists. The company is dedicated to equipping the scientific community with cutting-edge technology to enable greater progress in research and experimentation.

    A spokesperson says, “We are committed to pursuing advances in a multitude of technologies – offering our customers the right tools for their research needs.”

    With the release of the updated DaLI maskless photolithography system, miDALIX continues to pioneer technological advances in the modern material processing industry.

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    If you are thinking of upgrading your material processing equipment – take your research into the future with the DaLI photolithography system!