Get Custom Microsoft-Based Technology Solutions With This San Bernardino CA Team


    Do you need expert affordable technology solutions? The Software Produx team can create custom solutions to meet your business requirements!

    Software Produx, a technology solutions company based in San Bernadino, CA, has announced services to develop custom, integrated software packages for businesses. These solutions use existing Microsoft products that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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    Many businesses only use a portion of the extensive Microsoft software capabilities available. The services that Software Produx has announced will help your business utilize these products to improve productivity, processes, and data management.

    You have many options when it comes to improving your current software. The Software Produx team has the expertise and experience to help your company compete.

    They focus on developing cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions, whether for large critical fixes or small changes to existing legacy software.

    Microsoft products can be used as the basis for data organization and powerful up-to-the-minute reporting. The Power Apps such as Power BI can be customized by Software Produx within SharePoint, Access can be tailored for smaller enterprises.

    The team is certified in Microsoft SQL Server and Azure, Software Produx uses many current coding languages such as C#, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to develop software solutions.

    In addition, ASP.NET is used to create professional web applications that will provide a high-quality user experience. The team can also help businesses take advantage of Excel at a much higher level.

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    Software Produx clients have included large organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Investor’s Business Daily, Blue Cross, and State Street Research. Small businesses can also avail themselves of Software Produx experience.

    You can meet with the team in person at the Redlands office, but remote meetings are also possible and solid communication with you from start to solution delivery is guaranteed.

    Founder and President Davis DeBard earned a master’s degree in software engineering from Harvard University along with an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

    Vice President. James Johnson was awarded the Microsoft Most Valued Professional award six times. The rest of the team is highly qualified with experience in software architecture, user interface design, and web development.

    Get the software solutions you need without breaking your budget! Call Software Produx today at 800-719-4409 to get the process started!

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