Get The Best Telemedicine Platform To Communicate Securely With Your Patients


    Give your patients the telehealth resources they deserve – invest in eRemede to improve communication and patient engagement!

    eRemede, a telemedicine software company, has announced the launch of the eRemede telehealth platform. The company was founded by Tampa Bay entrepreneur, Ben Sever, who is a firm believer that telehealth solutions can help you provide your patients with the highest quality of care.  

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    The telehealth platform aims to give you the software tools you need to more effectively communicate with and treat your valued patients. 

    Due to the current pandemic, the demand for telehealth services has reached unprecedented levels. By 2025, the size of the telehealth industry is expected to increase sevenfold. Patients have grown accustomed to the convenience offered by telemedicine services, and many say they will continue to use them post-pandemic. Telehealth services can also benefit healthcare institutions, as communicating with patients online can reduce hospital readmissions and conserve crucial resources.

    The company developed the platform to respond to the increased demand for telehealth services and to give both you and your patients a more efficient way to manage patient data and interaction.

    The platform is designed to make communication safe and easy. As sensitive information is transmitted across the platform, the company protects patient data with state-of-the-art security. You can communicate with patients through video, messages, and photos, and all communication is HIPAA compliant. eRemede is fully customizable, which allows you to apply your branding to the platform. You can also set custom reminders to encourage adherence to treatment plans.

    The telehealth software has several additional features, including digital form filling, customizable surveys, push notifications, and social media marketing. Ben Sever originally developed the concept based on the need for better patient engagement.

    eRemede was developed to improve patient engagement and automate several administrative functions. You can use the platform to offer patients relevant health information, including media such as videos and articles. Your patients can also explore the platform’s library of patient education resources.

    The eRemede platform is easily scalable. Both small clinics and large hospitals can benefit from the software, as a spokesperson for the company said: “eRemede is designed to accommodate the needs of the individual practice all the way up to the national hospital chain. We have everything you need to digitize your patient engagement for faster, smoother communication and customer satisfaction.”

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