Get Online Medical Consultation From This Victoria AU Clinic Management System


    Need help with streamlining your clinic’s operations? Get in touch with Power Diary, get the practice management software and get free access to online video call consultations!

    Power Diary, a practice management system company from Victoria, Australia announced the launch of Telehealth Video Calls, an online video consultation platform. The business specializes in developing innovative practice management systems for healthcare establishments.

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    According to the experts behind Power Diary, they have helped many health clinics and healthcare businesses like yours around Ballarat Central and other areas of Victoria with clinic operations management. Their software’s new Telehealth Video Calls platform aims to provide you and your patients with the ease, convenience and safety of online video consultations, especially during the pandemic.

    With Power Diary’s innovative practice management system, you can easily set-up appointments and consult with your patients through any device—laptops, tablets or smartphones—anywhere, through the software’s Telehealth Video Calls capability. More information is available at

    The video call system is very easy to use as it does not require your patients to download and install any additional software and be asked to log-in. You only have to send your patients a link and a secure key code so they can get into your private online consultation room.

    Furthermore, the Telehealth platform is guaranteed safe as it does not go through any third party servers. It employs end-to-end encryptions with peer-to-peer private connections which ensures you and your patients that all information is only available to you and can not be viewed by others or the system. It is also compliant with all health standards including the HIPAA and GDPR.

    Besides Telehealth, which comes free with Power Diary’s practice management software, you can easily manage your calendars and set-up online patient bookings. You can also build and manage patient databases through online forms, generate invoices and secure online payments for your services.

    According to a satisfied client, “Incredible software and very easy to use. The Telehealth function is great and I cannot recommend PD enough. PD gives you back your time because it streamlines things for your practice.”

    Power Diary is the trusted name in practice management systems–email them today at or stop by their office at this location

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