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    With this new financial sector resource pack, you can transform your business workflows and help clients achieve their finance goals.

    Elevate Financial Training has launched an updated resources pack for clients in the finance fields. This includes a “Forecasting by the Numbers” guide, which helps firms to understand transferable value and how to calculate it, while building towards a clear and distinct goal.

    You can help your clients develop an actionable strategy and move forward with clear thinking thanks to these new tools!

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    The newly updated resource solutions include books written by Cash Flow Mike, client migration strategies, inventory master worksheets, and insight into hidden cash opportunities.

    Elevate Financial Training offers accountants, advisors and bookkeepers the tools they need to help their clients. The new resource update is the latest in their ongoing commitment to this end.

    The team explains that as business advisors, one of the most important questions to ask clients is “Where are we going?” It’s critical for you to know what your clients’ goals are so you can help them create a path to achieve them.

    One of the most effective methods for strategizing financial growth is through starting with the end in mind. In order to do that, it’s important for you to build transferable value.

    This is the amount of money that business owners have on hand whenever they decide to do something different. It’s imperative that businesses don’t forecast blind, and understanding transferable value is an important step to developing better habits.

    Building towards a goal in this way is the first step in the forecasting-by-the-numbers process. The other steps are outlined on the above-mentioned URL.

    This is also the focus of one of the lessons in a new course from Elevate Financial Planning. “Clear Path to Cash” is an eight-lesson program on how to maximize cash in any given business situation. It’s well suited to any client trying to solve cash flow issues, secure bank financing, or increase their company value.

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    A spokesperson for the company states: “Our mission is to connect business owners with what they need right now to make their dreams a reality.”

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