Get The Best App2Table Alternative For Hospitality Businesses To Improve Profits


    Are you looking for a way to ensure social distancing for your customers? Would you like a table service application that is branded to your business?

    JUST-SNAP has launched its newtable service application for the hospitality industry, which aims to help your establishment adapt to the new social distancing landscape. The app can also help to improve your profits and is an alternative to others on the market, such as app2table and PepperHQ.

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    The updated app from UK-based company JUST-SNAP offers your hospitality business a means of taking orders and payments while maintaining social distancing for both your customers and employees. The application also gives you the benefit of a branded app tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, to help your business get started with the app, JUST-SNAP is offering you a 75% discount for subscriptions with code ‘CG75’ which can be redeemed through their website.

    In the current climate, many restaurants, pubs, and others in the hospitality industry are struggling to remain in business as social distancing restrictions force them to rethink how they operate. The need to reduce contact and crowding around host desks and bars means new ways of ordering and paying for services need to be implemented. JUST-SNAP aims to help you solve this issue while also offering a potential increase in your revenue with their updated application. More information on how the current landscape is effecting hospitality can be found here

    Based in the UK, JUST-SNAP has developed an application that provides you with an alternative means of taking orders and payments by using a mobile phone. This system reduces the need for queuing at ordering stations, server interactions, and cash payments. By providing this service, you can protect both your customers and your staff from risks without impacting revenue. 

    The updated application by JUST-SNAP is also able to improve your profits as it can be fully branded for your business. Studies have also shown that people are likely to spend up to 30% more money when using branded apps as it provides both convenience and familiarity for customers. 

    Having worked with companies such as ABInBev and Brakes, JUST-SNAP understands the needs of the hospitality industry, and their application offers you the benefit of their unique insight compared to alternatives such as app2table and PepperHQ. The apps customization includes features such as loyalty programs, existing system integration, and instant promotions to enable your business to make the application suit your specific needs and branding.

    JUST-SNAP is aiming to help the hospitality industry get back on track with its 75% discount offer with code ‘CG75’ for subscriptions, which you can redeem through their website. JUST-SNAP is also active on social media and can be found here

    Ensure you follow social distancing guidelines, without losing profits with JUST-SNAP’s new application for the hospitality industry today!

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