Get The Best Apple Valley Solar Power System To Reduce Your Utility Bills!


    Solar power is a bright idea – it can help you save thousands on your energy bills. Under existing rules, Net Energy Metering lets you swap unused excess electricity for credit to use when you need it. Option One Solar is here to tell you everything you need to know about the incentive – and why you need it sooner rather than later. 

    The Apple Valley, California-based solar company has launched new updates to its solar installation plans, with the aim of helping you to achieve long-term energy independence. The High Desert solar panel installers are now able to comprehensively advise you on the benefits of Net Energy Metering agreements before upcoming regulatory amendments come into effect.

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    The Apple Valley solar experts continue to provide you with full support in every facet of industrial or home solar power systems. As such, they have released a new guide designed to help you fully understand Net Energy Metering in its current billing form. 

    Option One Solar explains that Net Energy Metering provides an economic advantage for you when your solar power system produces more electricity than you need. Recent lobbying by the California Public Utility Commission, however, proposes to bring about widespread changes to the existing program as early as 2022, removing much of the appeal. 

    Net Energy Metering acts as an incentive for the majority of solar users, and is the most popular means of providing homeowners with compensation. The program involves the exchange of excess electricity, typically produced during the summer, for utility credits. This allows you to draw energy from the national power grid to use when more electricity is required, such as at night. 

    Option One Solar advises that Net Energy Metering creates lower utility bills for the duration of your solar energy system. The program credits you for generating energy and prevents costs stemming from wasted electricity. However, the financial benefits of the program apply only to current users – so don’t wait! 

    In order for you to take advantage of the existing program before its terms are altered in the future, Option One Solar recommends that you have a solar power system installed now. The team constantly monitors modern technological trends to advise you on the most suitable options for your property. 

    To ensure that you’re able to make informed long-term economic decisions surrounding your solar products, Option One Solar conducts extensive research on the finer details regarding the agreement policies of various local Southern Californian utility companies. The installers aim to help you optimize your energy bills while deploying the best possible solar power system. 

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