Get The Best Smart Home Solutions With Smart Phone App Control In SA


    Want to save money on your energy bills and get sleek wireless control for your home heating, lighting and security? Check out this range of home automation solutions today!, a new South African online store specializing in home automation products, has launched a new range of smart home technology. The launch offers customers an innovative selection of automated lighting systems, smart plugs, sensors and temperature controls that can be accessed through one streamlined smart phone app.

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    The newly launched range includes WIFI Smart Dimmer Switches, which work with a range of bulb and lamp types. Full range stepless dimming helps you save energy while enjoying customizable lighting levels in your home. The store’s range of smart products enable remote, voice, scene and share control in a single intuitive app.

    Smart home technology is becoming more and more common across the globe as homeowners look for ways to decrease their energy consumption and find more convenient ways to control amenities. Advanced technology enables wireless operation to eliminate traditional manual controls and make remote adjustments to utility controls through paired mobile devices.

    Also available from the store are temperature and humidity management systems with real-time temperature readings, pre-setting functionality via the app and on/off control.’s latest products offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT for seamless integration with your existing smart home applications. brings together a comprehensive range of advanced home automation products, providing an all-in-one retail experience for wireless household technology. Choose from a range of smart camera systems with motion sensors, infra-red vision and two-way audio monitoring for 24/7 remote security. The company also provides sensor technology for identifying water and gas leaks, which sends alarm notifications to you wherever you are.

    The online store also offers automation of ceiling fans, curtains, garage doors and gates. Their smart doorbell product enables you to speak to callers remotely with two-way communication without opening the door or having to be at home. is part of Smart Connexion Technologies, a team of smart home electronics and technology specialists with headquarters in Roodepoort, SA.

    A spokesperson says, “At we are all about helping you to automate your home at an affordable price, save money on electricity and control your devices from a single app.”

    With the launch of their updated smart phone-controlled home automation range continue to build their reputation as South Africa’s emerging home technology retailer of choice.

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