Get The Best Deep Diving Mini Underwater Drone For Seawater And Freshwater


    If you’re looking for an easy to carry and reliable underwater drone, this new report has the solution for you!

    Sea Scooter Fun announced the launch of a new report on the advantages and disadvantages of using the 4K HD Gladius Mini ROV Underwater Drone by Chasing. The report also covers the most important features of this underwater drone.

    The newly launched report at Sea Scooter Fun aims to educate you about the benefits of purchasing the 4K HD Gladius Mini ROV Underwater Drone to explore the depths of any type of waters.

    According to the report, Chasing is an innovative brand specializing in creating affordable underwater drones for the mainstream recreation industry. You can use the 4K HD Gladius Mini ROV Underwater Drone in both seawater and freshwater and this drone can work up to approximately 91.5 meters underwater.

    This mini drone can move in all four directions and pitch up and down from side to side at a 45-degree angle. It can also record raw images in JPEG and DNG quality, as well as 4K video files.

    In addition, the report explains that the Gladius mini can stream live your video files on the YouTube platform or you can watch them on a VR headset via the free companion application.

    The report further notes that The Gladius Mini consists of four separate components, namely the drone itself, a remote controller, a spooled tether cord 50 to 100 meters away, and a base station that is tethered into the drone and stays onshore.

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    Sea Scooter Fun also explains that the shooting quality of this camera is very respectable, especially compared to other alternatives for capturing video and still images in the depths of cold and turbulent water.

    The report states: “Having the Gladius Mini Underwater Drone in your boat will bring you some unique opportunities. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean or are planning a trip to some lovely tropical destination, then this would be an awesome gadget to take along.”

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