Mentor Me Ken MLM Program: Pyramid Scheme & Scam Line by A Fake Guru Reported


    The applications of MLM techniques are virtually limitless. Members of of MLM companies like Mentor Me Ken are encouraged to sell directly to those they have direct influence over. At what cost?

    An in-depth analysis and review report warns users of the dangers associated with the new affiliate training course Mentor Me Ken by Ken Ando: you are strongly advised to refrain from joining the exploitative program because it is the type of business program that can end up costing you a lot of money.

    You can learn more about Ken Ando and his fake affiliate marketing coaching program at:

    Make sure you do plenty of homework before you decide to join any affiliate marketing program and if by any chance you come close to any of Ken Ando’s offerings, better run… run fast.. .and far, far away.

    Ken Ando wildly claims that his mentorship program Mentor Me Ken teaches students super-secret marketing techniques, easy-to-follow money-making strategies; that his coaching sessions help produce Mentors and Super Affiliates within months of starting in the business: going from $0 to $2,000,000/mo. Such claims caught the attention of investigative journalist and reporter Jason. J Doman who put those claims to test. Doman interviewed current and ex-students and reviewed Ken Ando’s training, teachings, and practices and concluded that Mentor Me Ken is the type of system in which “everyone gets sold the dream, only a few make money.”

    Doman shares: “It was surprisingly easy to get even members of his [Ken Ando’s] “inner circle” to open up, since most of them seem to just be along for the ride – with each of them having lost a substantial amount of money under his tutelage.”

    He found out that the program offers large rewards but only to a very limited number of top-level and executive members and nothing is left for people downline, even for long-term promoters.

    In addition to exhausting recruits physically and emotionally, it exhausts them financially: no big bugs come rolling in, on the contrary, the training Mentor Me Ken is the perfect path to quickly losing money and alienating friends and relatives.

    Users need to be extremely wary of affiliate programs like the one promoted by Ken Ando’s sales organization. It is recommended that they research the mentor credentials and the company thoroughly before they invest money. It is worth looking at the testimonials and facts shares by Jason J. Doman before making a purchasing decision.

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