Get The Best DIY Drag & Drop App-Building Editor To Build Your Business & Brand


    Want to build an app for your brand or business but don’t know the first thing about coding? Check out 22apps DIY app builder and help your business reach new customers today!

    The company have announced the release of a new free version of their innovative drag-and-drop app builder. The launch offers you expanded access to a newly updated, unique and intuitive platform for designing a streamlined, fully functional mobile app.

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    The newly updated builder platform adds a host of easily navigable features, providing you with a range of design templates as well as the ability to fully customize the look and functionality of an app.

    Studies suggest that smartphone users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps, making it the most effective way to interact and engage with your customers.

    22apps requires no coding knowledge or experience, making state-of-the-art mobile app design accessible to everyone through the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. The platform does not require you to download or install any software.

    The 22apps team have also made publishing easy with apps optimized for both Apple and Android devices. User apps are automatically launched in both the App Store and Android platforms such as Google Play.

    The platform provides complete flexibility with no long-term commitment. You can benefit from month-to-month rolling contracts which can be canceled at any time.

    You can also enjoy free premium hosting with fast load times, a suite of design tools, instant and unlimited app updates to ensure optimum performance, as well as marketing notifications and alerts.

    In-app links to web pages and social media accounts are also included. In addition, you get access to high-end training courses to help scale your business ventures.

    Also available is 22apps PRO which offers additional benefits such as automated push notifications based on tagging, customer log-in portals, and the ability to import any content, courses and membership hosting.

    The 22apps team are led by CEO Matthew McGregor whose background in internet marketing led to the idea for the unique app building platform.

    A satisfied client says, “Because of the interactivity of the app, we should increase sales by about 10-20%. When that means $100,000 extra in revenue, it’s a big deal.”

    With the launch of the newly updated free version of their unique app building platform, 22apps continue to make technological expertise and business growth accessible to everyone.

    If you’ve never thought of building an app because you don’t how to code, think again! Get a fully functional mobile app to reach and engage new customers with 22apps today!

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