Extend Heavy Industry Equipment Lifespan With Sustainable Magnetic Filters


    Cut down on waste and extend the lifespan of your industrial equipment with sustainable solutions.

    Croatia-based distributor of magnetic filtration devices Vento Global has expanded the range of applications for the patented radial field product line. The products are now available to clients across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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    Already deployed across a number of oil and gas mining facilities, the recently enhanced magnetic filters are now also well-suited to a variety of energy production and industrial operations.

    Heavy industry expends considerable sums of money on the replacement of equipment that has failed due to mechanical wear and tear. In addition, conventional filtration systems designed to protect heavy machinery from contaminated fluids are often ineffective as preventative maintenance devices and add considerable costs in terms of ongoing replacement and disposal requirements.

    Founded by Miroslav Gojak, Croatian company Vento Global now offers your industrial operation a range of magnetic filtration systems produced by Canadian firms One Eye Industries (OEI) and Black Powder Solutions (BPS). The innovative products provide you with sustainable filtration to a wide range of heavy industrial applications including mining, manufacturing, petrochemical, and defense sectors. Additional information can be found at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/magnetic-filters-power-production-system-013100673.html

    The patented magnetic filter elements use a radial magnetic field to attract ferrous particles, caused by machinery wear, down to 4 microns and below. Owing to the fact that non-ferrous contaminants often contain an electric charge due to interaction with other particles, the magnetic filtration system is also effective at capturing these elements. Indeed, some users have reported over 70% of captured material being non-ferrous during routine cleaning inspections.

    Requiring minimal consumables, the magnetic filtration devices offer you an expected service life of 18+ years, providing your business with a highly cost-effective solution. In addition, the range of filters from OEI can be used as condition monitoring devices for predictive maintenance purposes. The magnetic filtration system therefore not only has a considerable lifespan but can also extend the life of your equipment.

    Miroslav Gojak, the founder of Vento Global, stated: “Magnetic filtration is a path to a greener future. It will help the industry, mining, and economy to retain their value and create extra profits.”

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