Get The Best Eco-Friendly Garbage Bags To Keep Your Car Clean With This Business


    Does your car have a growing pile of coffee cups or fast-food wrappers? You’re not alone. With Tossits, you can keep your car and your community garbage-free.

    The Clarkston, Michigan-based sustainability company has launched a series of eco-friendly car garbage bags also called ‘Tossits.’ The products hang on the back of seat headrests and provide you with a sustainable way to keep your car clean.

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    According to Don’t Trash Arizona, an anti-litter program implemented by the Arizona Department of Transportation, over 25,000 car accidents per year are linked to litter. With the latest announcement, Tossits helps keep families safe by reducing the garbage thrown from cars.

    The company understands that if you drive daily, you might not have time for regular vehicle cleaning. To this end, Tossits provides you with a simple way to eliminate passenger seat food wrappers and backseat garbage piles. Their bags use an adhesive strip to contain leaks and smells, and the extra pockets are ideal for storing tissues or wipes.

    For $8.99, you will receive the Daily Driver set of seven bags and you can save further by ordering the bulk Carpooler and Bargain Hunter sets.

    Tossits also recommends their products for traveling salespeople, truck drivers, carpoolers, and road trips. The 15” x 12” bags are large enough to store all types of garbage, from coffee cups to fast-food wrappers. If you need to dispose of liquids, Tossits are waterproof, too.

    Tossits was formed by a team of parents, car enthusiasts, and commuters — people who understand the struggle of maintaining a clean vehicle amidst a busy schedule. The company takes pride in providing environmentally-conscious products; their bags help reduce litter and are made from post-industrial recycled materials. They also partner with environmental groups to spread their sustainability message.

    With the latest launch, the company continues to provide consumers like you with an eco-friendly disposal option for car garbage.

    “Our mission is to create a cleaner Earth with less trash on our streets and highways,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We also teach children to throw away their trash in a bag and not on the floor or tucked away in the seat.”

    Tossits are the sustainability experts your family can trust — call them today at 833-867-7487.

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