Get The Best Easy Maintenance Temperature Control Water Heated Mattress Pads


    If you want to enjoy comfort and a good sleep every night, this new water heated mattress pad is the solution for you!

    Navien Mate announced the launch of their new Navien Mate EQM 350 bed warming mattress topper. This premium, high quality water heated mattress pad is far superior to electric blankets, providing a more even heat without the risk of fire or overheating.

    The newly launched Navien Mate EQM 350 bed warming mattress topper aims to help you enjoy a good sleep every night by providing consistent warmth throughout the night.

    During the colder months, having a heated mattress pad becomes a necessity. These bedding pads provide maximum warmth on days with low temperatures.

    The new Navien Mate EQM 350 bed warming mattress pads are the thinnest available, offering maximum comfort without pokey wires or loud machines. Their 1mm slim design does not interfere with the performance of your mattress.

    The pads also come in King and Queen sizes and allow for separate heating and cooling zones. This means that you can personalize your temperature preference for each side of the bed.

    This new bed warming mattress topper features a leaking sensor which ensures that any leaks will be detected immediately, as well as a fire prevention system that eliminates the fire hazards caused by electric blankets.

    The pads also make it easy for you to quickly and easily check the status of your system with a one button selection.

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    In addition, the child safe mode of the warming mattress pads allows you to set adjustment restrictions for your child, while the sterilization mode ensures that your device is bacteria free.

    A satisfied customer said: “I bought this for my son’s bed while he was home for the holidays so he could sleep. Relatives dropped by so I ended up using it and was very impressed. So impressed I bought another one for my personal use. The warmth is quite natural-feeling and does not feel like I am getting grilled. Thank you!”

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