Get The Best Gauteng SA Smart Home Solutions with Remote Control From Your App


    Looking for the best smart home and business automation technologies in South Africa? Check out this online store to find everything you need to reduce your cost and maximize your efficiency!

    Smart Connexion Technologies has launched a new store on their website to provide simple and effective technological solutions for the home and business owners in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.

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    Smart Connexion Technologies has launched its new store to help South Africans know what they have to offer in the realm of smart technology and more. The new site makes it easy to order the smart technologies you need from the comfort and safety of your home or business 24/7.

    The new store provides a one-stop, online shop for smart home automation, smart security, smart wearables, and a host of off grid solutions. The current collection includes load-shedding, inverters, UPS batteries, solar technology, IoT and IIOT devices, electronics, gadgets, and household goods.

    The online store is managed from South Africa and serves all the cities in the Gauteng Province and beyond, including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Germiston, and Vereeniging and all the surrounding metropolitan areas in the eastern part of the Witwatersrand region. Their service has been expanded to the whole of South Africa.

    This South African store has recently added a line of WiFi Smart Dimmer switches that are suitable for both South African homes and businesses. These smart dimming, remote control, voice-controlled devices can be set up with a timing schedule that is designed to provide safety and help you save on utility bills.

    Features include smart scene, share control, 433MHz RF Control, and power on state. These smart dimmer devices provide 4-Levels of brightness that change according to your mood.

    Other recent additions to this South African online store’s inventory include WiFi Smart Plugs, Smart Dimmer Switches, Smart Bulbs, WiFi Smart LED strips, WiFi Smart Light Switches, Smart WiFi Speakers, Motion sensors, Environmental sensors, Water Leakage sensors, Electricity meter sensors, and Wifi Smart Switches with power consumption measurements.

    Additional items that you can purchase from the new South African technology store include the Google Nest Hub max, Gas sensors, the Yale smart home alarm kit, Smart curtain motors, Door and Window sensors, Smart Locks, and Google Nest WiFi setups.

    The launch of this South African online electronics and gadget store offers competitive prices and friendly customer service. With years of experience in the technology niche, you can be assured of quality products at the right price.

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