Get The Best Outdoor Portable Speaker That Securely Fastens To Prevent Movement


    Do you find that loose portable speakers cause injury and become damaged? Are you looking for a portable speaker that can be used for any activity? 

    VersaJam LLC has announced the launch of its VersaJam portable speaker, which has been developed specifically for you if you are looking for a versatile and durable speaker that can be securely clipped to prevent it from moving.

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    The newly launched VersaJam speaker can be used at any time you would use a portable speaker, such as for recreational sports like fishing, hiking, or kayaking, as well as for activities such as sailing or working in the outdoors.

    Many portable speakers on the market are designed to be hung from a carabiner that attaches the speaker to a belt or bag. When connected this way, the speakers are loose, causing them to move around, which can lead to injuries such as bruises and is potentially damaging to the speakers.

    The VersaJam was created by Thane Holland to help combat the problem of speaker movement after his own speaker was smashed during a fly fishing trip to the Rocky Mountains. He found that each time he relocated, or cast a line, his speaker would bounce around unpredictably until it finally broke.

    Thane Holland wanted to develop a portable speaker that you could use for any activity without risk of damage or injury. This idea led him to create the VersaJam, which utilizes a patented clip design that allows it to be held against any surface without movement.  

    In addition to the clip design, VersaJam incorporates several features that make it ideal for your outdoor activities, including high visibility colors, a compact design, and being able to glow in the dark. Furthermore, it floats and is all-weather and condition proof allowing you to use it in any climate. 

    The VersaJam is Bluetooth compatible for fast and straightforward setup and is charged with a Micro USB that gives users up to six hours of continuous playback. VersaJam is only available on the company’s website currently, where you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your preferences.

    Get a durable and secure portable speaker for all your outdoor activities with the new VersaJam today!

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