Get The Best Washable Waterproof Antimicrobial Wireless Keyboard At Tech Launcher


    Why take a risk every time you eat and drink around your computer? Tech Launcher knows that a spill shouldn’t cost you a day’s work—or a keyboard. That’s why they offer a washable, waterproof keyboard instead! 

    Tech Launcher, a specialist website designed to showcase innovative technology solutions, has announced the launch of an Antimicrobial Waterproof Flex Keyboard. The wireless and durable Adesso brand keyboard is designed so it can be cleaned between uses and its antimicrobial material will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and the buildup of germs between washings.

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    According to manufacturer Adesso, the newly launched keyboard was designed with outdoor and mobile settings in mind, as the hyper-flexible and compact keyboard can be easily packed away. This makes it ideal for travel, school, and other industrial or medical environments. 

    The advanced silicon material wrapping the keyboard protects it against oil, water, dust, and other potentially damaging substances. The material also provides the opportunity for health-conscious individuals to remove germs with liquid disinfectants, soap, or water.

    The keyboard has a USB interface that easily connects to devices without having to install specific drivers. It also offers compatibility with Mac and PC systems, providing you with a quick and easy set-up.

    In addition, the keyboard offers built-in multimedia and internet hotkeys, making it easy for you to access email, audio controls, and other important computer functions. This means you can control your media player with one touch, as well as navigate the internet and access your emails with the built-in hotkeys.

    The wireless keyboard can be the perfect addition to any mobile workstation in an office, warehouse or medical practice. The sanitizable, dust-proof keyboard is ideal in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, or hospital setting. The antimicrobial properties help prevent the spread of germs throughout a workplace, and the waterproof construction can withstand any spills or splashes.

    As well as the anti-bacterial keyboard, the Tech Launcher platform offers several other wireless keyboard and mouse options, and hundreds of other innovative and tech savvy products from a variety of companies and brands. 

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