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    Do you know who is trying to enter your home or business? Are you able to control access and avoid threats? Do you have other telecom needs and want to talk to a certified professional to find an affordable solution? Reach out to Viking Telecom Solutions today!

    Viking Telecom Solutions, an electronics company headquartered in Fountain Valley, CA, has launched multiple products to serve your need for secure entry into your home, apartment building, or offices, along with a large catalog of other telecommunication products. These products are unique to Viking Telecom and you can order them from their dedicated website.

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    The door phone entry and intercom systems that have launched provide a solution to your security needs of whether you are a homeowners, apartment management company, or business facilities manager. This is especially important when you cannot be present at your home, apartment building or business location.

    It is vital that businesses, schools, hospitals, homes, and apartment buildings ensure that only those who are authorized entry can do so. Having a secure door phone entry or intercom system will provide comfort and security to workers, homeowners, tenants, and business owners.

    Viking Telecom Solutions apartment and office intercoms and door phone entry systems may include a variety of features, including keyless entry for up to 250 apartments or offices, ADA compliant apartment access systems, color video cameras, and blue tooth controllers.

    In addition to these products, Viking Telecom Solutions has outdoor speakers and horns, music on hold and announcement systems, call processing, and paging equipment. Special needs, weather-proof, and emergency phones, phone accessories, corded phones, answering machines, and line-sharing devices are also available.

    Viking Telecom Solutions is a private, 100% US company that was founded in 1990 and became an all-online business in 1997. Being privately owned allows Viking to focus on your needs, rather than shareholder demands.

    Viking Telecom Solutions welcomes your call or your walk-in visit to their Fountain Valley office. Certified technicians and engineers are very supportive. You can rest assured that online shopping with Viking Telecom Solutions is secure and includes advanced fraud protection.

    Viking Telecom Solutions provides you flexible payment options, offers a reseller program, will get product to you efficiently, and will help you with installation if necessary. Viking Telecom Solutions is dedicated to providing you with low prices on all products, along with constantly researching and developing new solutions.

    Viking Telecom Solutions is ready to help you find the security and telecom answers you need. Call their certified experts today at (877) 999-6186 to get started!

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