Get The Best Personal Security Alarm For Keeping Your Family Safe Against Crime


    Imagine you are walking alone at night, and someone tries to attack you from behind. You pull a pin, and a loud siren begins to sound and bright LEDs flash, illuminating the area. Your attacker is stunned before fleeing the scene, leaving you safe and unharmed. 

    As crime rates are expected to rise in the current global climate, Original Defense has launched its new Self Defense Siren to help keep you and your families safe.

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    Police and other authorities recommend the newly launched Self Defense Siren as a safe and easy to use crime deterrent. 

    As companies in industries such as hospitality and retail struggle to stay in business due to the current global pandemic, large numbers of people are being laid-off or worried about their employment situation.

    Researchers are predicting this uncertainty, and an increase in layoffs could lead to an influx in crime rates. 

    A recent study showed that unemployed people commit 60% more property crime, such as theft and burglary, in the year after losing their jobs. This increase is theorized to be due to financial worry, frustration, and a lack of a daily structure.

    Due to this predicted increase, researchers are hoping that prevention programs and other crime deterrent measures can help to counter the surge in crime rates.

    Original Defense’s new safety device, the Self Defense Siren, is one such measure that is having a significant impact on crime prevention. 

    Capable of creating a 125db sound, the Self Defense Siren utilizes a pull-pin system which, when pulled, activates the siren to both startle an attacker and attract attention from people nearby.

    The siren sounds for up to 30 minutes when activated, and the volume is comparable to a military jet during take-off.

    Self Defense Siren’s inventor Chris Davidson developed the device following the tragic loss of his daughter. He wanted to create something to prevent a parent from going through the tragedy he experienced. 

    The Self Defense Siren is suitable for anyone and can be attached to purses, keys, and backpacks. The device contains high-intensity LED lights for added safety, is completely waterproof, and has a 365-day battery life. 

    Using the Self Defense Siren requires no training or skill to use, meaning it is perfect for your children and elderly family members, as well as other adults, for emergency situations.

    The device ships directly from the USA and is currently sold online for $39.95 per two devices and has already sold over 1.5 million units.

    Have the peace of mind that you, and your family, are safe when they are out and about with this Police recommended security device!

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