Get The Best Pool And Snooker Cue Stick Set To Improve Your Playing Experience


    Are you looking to own your first pool cue? Would you like a professional stick set that features all the accessories you need?

    WG Wholesale has recently announced the launch of its PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick Set if you are looking to update your pool, snooker, or billiard playing. 

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    The newly launched PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick Set from WG Wholesale aims to provide you with a kit that contains everything you need if you are a beginner or professional pool player, such as a 100% Canadian Maple wood pool stick, a billiard glove, chalk, and a carry bag.

    If you are a pool player who is looking to advance your playing experience, you may find you want to own your own pool stick, as well as having the accessories that can help improve your playing. Additionally, you want to know that your pool cue is both reliable and durable for your games. WG Wholesale is aiming to provide a kit that suits your needs if you are a new pool player who is looking for your first stick or a professional player looking to update your equipment.

    The pool stick featured in the PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick Set from WG Wholesale is 58 inches in length and made from Grade A Canadian maple wood that weighs 19 ounces. Furthermore, the stick has a multi-layered and pre-scuffed leather tip alongside a comfortable handle that aims to provide you with an improved grip that gives you increased support in your accuracy and power. 

    WG Wholesale aims to ensure the PhoenixHit pool stick is both portable and durable with a design that allows it to be broken down into two parts, with a steel joint for perfect alignment when assembled. The two-piece pool stick can also be placed inside PhoenixHit’s included case, which benefits from a carrying strap and accessory pocket, allowing you to have everything you need for your game in one place.

    PhoenixHit’s cue set is suitable for use with all traditional and modern table ball games, including pool, snooker, and billiards. As a complete kit, the PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick Set is also beneficial if you are seeking gifting ideas for your loved ones who are avid players.

    A recent review of the kit said: “This is a beautiful, solidly built pool cue, great for the beginner or even an advanced player. It is straight, not warped, and shoots wonderfully.”

    Get everything you need to update your pool playing with the PhoenixHit Pool Cue Stick Set from WG Wholesale today!

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