This Report Shows How To Personalize E-Commerce Experience With Machine Learning


    Is your e-commerce business struggling to keep up with rapidly changing customer demands? This new report can give you an idea on how to keep up. 

    EcommStop, an e-commerce industry specialist, has launched a new report aimed at online business owners who want to improve the customer experience they provide using cost-effective technology.

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    With the release, the company aims to introduce the prospects of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create unique customer experiences, which can lead to improved sales and revenue growth.

    According to the report, these types of technology, which were once reserved for large organizations owing to their prohibitive costs, have now achieved a level of democratization that has made them available to professionals like you.

    The report begins by discussing the benefits of AI to upselling, stating that most businesses already have the data and ecosystem, but lack the right platform. It then talks about how you can achieve dynamic customized experiences, which it describes as the “holy grail” of the e-commerce industry.

    Improving the ROI of advertising campaigns is also covered. In this section, the report tackles user intent and its role in closing the gap between optimizing advertising KPIs and improving the experience of consumers.

    The report further explains how user intent can help you improve your decision-making processes, and how you can benefit from an AI that can anticipate buyer demands.

    In addition, it talks about how personalizing remarketing campaigns can contribute to ROI improvement. According to the report, leveraging AI can help you customize individual experiences because it can tell you which remarketing tactic is ideal for each individual customer.

    The report also highlights AI and machine learning platforms like Morphl, which are now being used by industry operators to optimize their processes. It gave examples of how the Morphl platform is helping anticipate customer decisions by calculating the likelihood of a purchase and pinpointing buyers with high customer lifetime values. More information on Morphl here

    Global Market Insights expects the value of AI in retail and e-commerce to grow by double digits between 2021 and 2027. According to the market research firm, this growth will be fueled by a number of factors, including changing customer demands and advancements in technology.

    It adds that retail firms have started integrating AI technology into their systems as more people turn to e-commerce because of the pandemic.

    It’s time to consider AI for your online store. Read the entire report now and start learning how you can take advantage of this technology!

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