Get The Best SOC & Cyber Data Incident Management From This Cleveland OH Firm


    Worried about increasing numbers of cyber attacks on your company’s data? Call SubRosa today for an all in one solution!

    SubRosa, cyber and data security specialists based in Hudson, OH, have launched updates to their security operations centre (SOC) services for businesses. The launch provides you with enhanced anticipation and visibility on cyber attacks on your networks, applications and infrastructure.

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    SubRosa now offer you access to newly expanded round-the-clock support from expert agents, vulnerability assessment, asset discovery, intrusion detection and cloud-based SIEM for comprehensive network and data protection.

    According to Purplesec, cybercrime rose by 600% over the past year as more and more businesses migrated services online in response to the global health crisis. The advent of increasingly sophisticated machine learning has also seen malware attacks exceed 800 million. The need for cybersecurity protection is more important than ever but it comes at a price. By outsourcing SOC to SubRosa, you can access advanced protection at affordable rates.

    Through their ‘SOC As A Service’ (SOCaas) program, SubRosa offer you real-time monitoring 24 hours a day to identify threats before they become a serious problem. They can reduce the costs of threat detection and incident response, providing particular benefit if you’re a small to medium-sized business owner with a budget that cannot cover the costs of software and round-the-clock monitoring.

    SubRosa provide comprehensive management of all security incidents, as well as advanced infrastructure to oversee regulatory compliance, business continuity and risk management. The platform is built upon machine learning technology which gives you the benefit of constantly evolving threat response.

    You can benefit from event correlation, data integration, and reduction in false positive alarms. In addition, SubRosa’s SOC services offer broad compatibility with over 1,000 network components, servers and operating systems.

    SubRosa founder and CEO, John Price, is a former British government counter-intelligence operator and finanical institution consultant. The SubRosa team combine advanced technological expertise with detailed knowledge of modern business operations. They employ and partner with some of the country’s leading security and data risk management experts.

    A spokesperson says, “With our diversified client base and employees located across the globe, SubRosa is equipped with the expertise to help any business increase its cybersecurity efficacy.”

    With the expansion of their SOC services, SubRosa continue to provide you with innovative cyber security solutions without the high costs of in-house protection. Protect yourself and your customers with round-the-clock cybersecurity from SubRosa. Find out more here

    If you and your business have had network breaches and data security issues and need to upgrade your SOC, call SubRosa today!