Use This Easy Tour Operator Booking To Get Ready for the Big Return to Travel


    If you’re a tour operator struggling to keep up with your bookings, you’ll want to take a look at this technology designed to help you drive sales and make your customers happier.

    TripKee, a software company specializing in tour booking technology, announced the launch of a solution for businesses in the travel industry.

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    TripKee’s developers adopted a user-friendly software that focuses on the fundamental features. Operators can use the solution to convert sales, along with managing check-ins as they come in. The booking engine also enables tour companies to drive sales both online and via smartphone devices.

    The company’s software also offers a point of sale tool. Through this, companies can manage bookings that come in through the phone. Moreover, they can fulfill over-the-counter sales with less friction than would otherwise be the case.

    In the travel industry, your reputation is vital. Often, your customers will be one-time visitors. If they have a great experience, they will likely recommend you to their friends and family. But if not, the opposite is true. The best way to provide great service is by dedicating more time to these parts of your business and less on the admin tasks.

    TripKee’s technology is suitable for a broad range of different tour companies. If you run coach or walking tours, you can use the platform. But don’t worry if you’re into water sports or boat tours, because the solution works just as well for you too.

    Beyond its tour booking features, TripKee’s software also has built-in marketing tracking capabilities. You can use the technology’s functions to track campaigns and advertising channels. The company has included support for promotional codes, in addition to Google tracking tools.

    The TripKee tour booking software is available to companies based both in the US and abroad. You can register for a free demo on the company’s website.

    Based in Titusville, Florida, TripKee prides itself on making tour booking easy. The platform was developed by people with experience as tour guides and within the broader travel industry. The company believes that operators can focus more on delivering a high-quality experience to paying customers by making tour booking simpler.

    A company spokesperson said: “Not being able to travel for the last year has led to many people craving adventure. And slowly, the world is opening up to them again. As a tour operator, managing this demand is essential, which is why we have developed our user-friendly technology.”

    Get ready for the revival of the travel industry. Visit and make sure you can handle the volume once people start visiting you again!