Innovative App Serves as Online Used Textbook Marketplace For College Students


    Looking for college textbooks at a steep discount? Be sure to check out this app!

    Mijem, a software company,, announces the launch of its updated second-hand book buy-and-sell app. This platform provides a simple way for you to monetize your old and unused books. 

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    This service aims to create a win-win situation in which sellers earn extra income while buyers can acquire books at a reduced cost. Joining the platform comes at no cost—you simply need to create an account to facilitate transactions. 

    According to industry statistics, collegiate students spend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a year on textbooks alone. Unfortunately, many of these books are used only for a single academic year, so students cannot fully maximize their investment. 

    On the flip side, many students struggle to afford brand-new textbooks and look to the resale market to get discounts. Through Mijem, both parties are able to easily connect with each other and complete a transaction seamlessly.

    After downloading the app and creating an account, you can look for booksellers in your university campus or nearby. Once you find the book you need, you can use the platform’s built-in messaging app to discuss pricing and organize a meetup or delivery.

    To protect the privacy of both sellers and buyers, the app does not require users to exchange their contact numbers or email addresses. Moreover, you can review a seller’s transaction history and past ratings, ensuring you will only transact with trusted merchants.

    According to the app’s developers, the savings generated from buying used textbooks can be redirected toward other necessities. Second-hand books are also an eco-friendly option that helps minimize solid waste generation. 

    Mijem is a promising startup that aims to make textbooks more affordable for students. It has been featured on media outlets such as WGRZ, News 15, Spectrum News, and KTSM. 

    A satisfied user shared this positive review: “I really appreciate Mijem’s interface. It’s cleaner and simpler compared to other buy-and-sell apps. Through it, I was able to get a great deal on a crucial textbook I needed this semester.”

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