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    Toronto digital marketing agency Syncoria announced the launch of new web technology systems for small and medium businesses. The agency also provides app development and website creation.

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    To help you gain more visibility online and better integrate new technology, Syncoria has introduced specialist app building and E-commerce solutions that will allow you to run your company more efficiently.

    A social media marketing industry magazine reports that almost 92% of consumers browse on mobile and have a preference for interfacing with apps instead of mobile sites, citing loading speed as a primary reason.

    However, while the majority of small businesses remain unconvinced of the need for an app, a well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website, giving a better consumer experience.

    Syncoria makes it possible and cost-effective for you to have a branded app and offers a streamlined app building process that covers designing, building, publishing and promoting. The company can combine app creation and development with traditional website development so customers can easily navigate and engage with your brand on any device.

    The agency has a lot of experience in the field and was the Winner Of The Best Web And Mobile Applications Development Company Canada in 2019.

    Syncoria also provides backend technology services that include ERP and ERM, POS devices and programming, E-commerce support, and AI and machine learning technology support (facial recognition software and chatbots) to improve business efficiency.

    With each new client, Syncoria starts off with a deep analysis of the business and combines the findings with knowledge of technology to determine the best route to help your business achieve optimal results.

    Syncoria are the trusted Toronto business technology integration experts you can always rely on!

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