Get The Best WAV To MP3 File Convertor For Music Producers With No Restrictions


    Do you need MP3 versions of your WAV files? Would you like an online convertor with no restrictions on file size or quantity? 

    Music Gateway has launched its newest tool which aims to help you if you are a musician and music producer looking to easily convert your high-resolution WAV and AIFF files into MP3s with 320k resolution.

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    The new tool from Music Gateway gives you the benefit of an easy and convenient MP3 converter that does not require you to download any software as it is entirely online. Additionally, the online tool is free to use, allowing you to convert files of any quantity or size without charges.

    Waveform Audio File Format or WAV files are amongst the most commonly used file type by musicians and music producers as the format is versatile and easy to use when editing and processing music. Furthermore, WAV files are accurate and lossless, providing high-quality music. However, WAV files are much larger than alternatives, making them less convenient for streaming and sending, which means you often need MP3 versions of your files.  

    Music Gateway is aiming to help you convert your WAV files into MP3s easily to enable you to do more with your music. The free tool from Music Gateway allows you the benefit of converting your files into MP3s to make them smaller in size, as well as allowing for metadata to be added to the file for uses such as sync licensing. 

    Unlike many file convertors, Music Gateway offers its tool with no restrictions on the quantity or size of the files being converted making it ideal if you are looking to convert files on a regular or batch basis. 

    Music Gateway was founded in 2011 and aims to provide a global platform that offers services and products for creative professionals worldwide using unique solutions and cutting edge technology.

    The goal of the UK based company is to help promote and create opportunities for people in the music industry with services such as licensing music for films and television, managing music and metadata, submitting to labels, and collaborating with others within the industry. More information on Music Gateway can be found here

    Convert your music files quickly and easily with Music Gateways’ free online WAV to MP3 converter today!

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