UK Firm Makes Music Licensing Simple Through Its Online Representation Platform


    Are you looking for ways to earn money from the great music you compose? Music Gateway can help you find excellent licensing deals.

    Surrey, U.K.-based Music Gateway announces the launch of its music licensing platform. The company acts as your representative and helps you find lucrative licensing opportunities so you can better monetise your work.

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    This platform was launched to simplify the music licensing process, which has traditionally been a complex endeavour. Music Gateway notes that music licensing has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and its platform allows even smaller artists to get a bigger share of the profits.

    Music Gateway accepts artists from all musical genres, whether you are a starting or veteran creator. Your music can be licensed to a wide variety of platforms, including TV, film, YouTube, advertising, radio stations, and video games.

    To access the service, you need to create a free account by visiting Music Gateway’s website. As an introductory offer, you will get a free 14-day trial upon signing up.

    Once an account has been created, you can begin uploading and submitting compositions to Music Gateway’s creative licensing team. As your representative, the company works directly with music supervisors in the U.K. and Los Angeles to line up licensing deals.

    Should a deal be struck, exclusive talents get 80% of the sync fee, while non-exclusive artists get 75%. In either case, you retain 100% ownership of your master and publishing rights—you may monetise your creations in any other way you see fit.

    Aside from artist representation, Music Gateway also offers useful features such as free large file transfers, cloud storage for creatives, and an online music file converter. To better gauge your earnings, you also get access to a royalty calculator.

    Among the prominent clients that Music Gateway works with are Netflix, BBC, Disney, ITV, Dreamworks Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Universal Studios. The company says that its artists are able to earn sizeable royalties through its representation.

    A satisfied artist had this to say of the service: “I’ve been a member for years now. I love the team, everyone is super genuine and tries to help artists navigate a really tricky area of the industry. Really appreciate what you guys do!”

    Generate more revenue for your compositions with the help of Music Gateway. Take advantage of the 14-day trial today!

    You can find more information about Music Gateway and its services through the URL above.