Get The Best Wireless Qi Charger For Cable-Free Smartphone & AirPod Charging


    Cable management for your tech devices can be a huge pain. Who wants to carry multiple cables around, only to misplace them, tangle them, or break them? With this wireless charging stand, you can wave goodbye to cables forever!

    Hank Washington, the world’s leading expert for procuring trendy items at everyday low prices, has launched a new wireless cell phone charger on its online store. The specialist team works hard to find, create and manufacture the most innovative products on the market. Now it’s offering customers a streamlined and easy way to charge their mobile devices.

    You will find that the newly launched Gadget Hub 3-in-1 wireless charger stand is built for charging both iPhones and Samsung devices. It aims to directly combat a common problem among digital technology enthusiasts, which is cable management for charging. Instead of having to keep numerous cables on hand, you can just use this one charging station.

    The Gadget Hub 3-in-1 wireless charger can be used the charge a smartphone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch at the same time. There is space for each device to fit comfortable, and they charge alongside each other without the need for cables. This saves you time and energy, while also providing more of a hassle-free charging solution.

    Inbuilt functionality provides a range of additional benefits for the customer. This includes cellphone battery protection features, with automatic cut-out when the battery is full to avoid overcharging. Other features include over temperature protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, and cyclic protection.

    The new Gadget Hub charging device is useable for all the devices that suit Qi charging. This includes the iPhone X, XR, XS Max, Galaxy 9, Galaxy S9, S9+, and other leading smartphone devices. Using inductive coupling between two planar coils, the stand is able to quickly charge the customer’s technology.

    The base station uses a power transmitter that comprises a transmitting coil, generating an oscillating magnetic field. The mobile device contains a power receiver holding a receiving coil. This provides quick and easy charging, reducing hassle for the customer. The product has already received numerous 5-star reviews on the Hank Washington site.

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