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    The latest launch aims to enable the client to convert more leads with the help of WP Site Auditor, a free WordPress plugin that generates SEO audit reports with a list of fixes required to improve a website’s rating.

    Green Jay Media’s WP Site Auditor is easy to use and combines the tools you need in one SEO audit report, including Google PageSpeed Insights, Moz Domain Authority, Number of Backlinks, Number of Outbound Links, and many more.

    Once the WP Site Auditor plugin is installed on your WordPress website, you can use the provided code to display the SEO report request form on your website. This enables the visitors on your website to request their own SEO score report by inputting a URL.

    The WP Site Auditor will then generate an audit report detailing the required fixes that need to be made in order to improve a website’s rating. You can view the audit reports of your leads and email them directly about potential fixes that can help improve the website’s SEO score. This way, with the help of the WP Site Auditor plugin, you can generate more traffic and convert new leads.

    The newly announced launch is in line with Green Jay Media’s commitment to providing professional, affordable, and high-quality marketing and SEO services.

    Founded by Dustin Bird in 2018, Green Jay Media is a Texas-based media company dedicated to helping clients grow their online business through advanced marketing and sales strategies. The company offers a wide range of services, including SEO Optimization, Local Maps Boost, Reputation Management, Blogging, and more.

    A satisfied client said: “I’ve used this plugin for my developer site and it’s easier to get visitors coming to my site now. I get more leads than I ever did without it. It’s easy to set up and use. Great plugin.”

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