Get The Foot-Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser For Your Business


    Make it safe and easy for your customers and employees to sanitize their hands – Go to Sani-Spire and get the foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser that enables hands-free use!

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    The latest launch aims to provide a safe and easy solution for clients to enable the customers and employees in their place of business to sanitize their hands without having to touch the dispenser.

    Sani-Spire has designed a way to help your business stay one step ahead of preventing the spread of the virus with a touchless dispensing station that allows contact-free hand sanitization. The foot-operated dispenser is made from powder-coated steel making it durable and waterproof.

    The dispenser is suitable for both indoor and outside use. It is designed for high-traffic industrial, commercial, and retail areas, including warehouses, restaurants, hotels, airports, and hospitals.

    The hand sanitizer dispenser is 36” tall and the optimum height for all ages. It weighs 15 lb, so you can easily transport it. The dispenser is pedal-operated to enable hands-free use. The top is secured with an aluminum lock to keep the hand sanitizer secure and protected from tampering.

    The dispenser holds 32 oz of hand sanitizer and has a side window to help you monitor the amount of hand sanitizer remaining in the unit. The units are ready-to-use out of the box and require no assembly. The baseplate has 3 pre-drilled holes to enable you to easily and safely bolt it to the ground.

    The newly announced launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing innovative, high-quality, and attractively-designed hand sanitizer dispenser solutions.

    Sani-Spire was founded in 2020 when it became apparent that to combat the current pandemic new hand sanitizer solutions would be needed. The founder, Mike Zambon, designed a foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser to enable touchless sanitization and decrease the possibility of virus contamination. You can find more information at

    A satisfied client said: “This is a great product, and my patients love it so far. No assembly was required and the use of the foot pedal makes the use very sanitary. I feel like maintenance will be very easy going forward. I definitely would recommend this product to other health professionals.”

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