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    Do you want to find the latest news and insights regarding WordPress in one place? Save time and energy with this new site, which pulls stories from 50 destinations!

    Your WP Guy has launched a new aggregator site for WordPress-related news and articles. It’s designed to provide business owners with breaking news and insight into the latest developments in the WordPress space.

    Check out WP Guy News today to streamline your consumption process and make sure you’re always kept up to date!

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    The newly launched site is specific to WordPress and pulls stories from over 50 different sources. This means that you don’t have to visit multiple sites in order to get your news regarding the platform.

    The newly launched aggregation service is part of the company’s commitment to giving back to the small business community. They strive to make it easier for businesses to get up-to-date information on what’s happening in the WordPress environment.

    Current stories include the most effective strategies for plugins and tools, webmaster guides, and the importance of link building and SEO.

    Your WP Guy offers professional WordPress consultations, monitoring and concierge solutions to help you grow your business. Their focus is on providing cutting-edge and efficient service while giving you peace of mind.

    A variety of different programs are available through the Your WP Guy website. These include the Keep It Runnin option, Quick Fix, and Fast and Furious.

    Keep It Runnin offers plug-in updates, theme updates, basic security monitoring and a variety of other options. Additional features are added for the Quick Fix and Fast and Furious program.

    Their focus is on ensuring that client websites can keep running securely with robust support. This provides clients with the security and focus they need to improve productivity across core business tasks.

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    The worry-free service means that clients don’t have to think about the running of their site. With Your WP Guy, the concierge service handles the hard work and admin.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “Having website trouble? You deleted your home page? Believe it or not, we’ve heard it all! We make sure you get fast and customized service, every time.”

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