Get Top-Rated, Durable 2021 Solar Panels From These Apple Valley, CA Experts


    Did you know that going solar can reduce or even eliminate your electric bills? By installing solar panels you can generate free power to your residential or commercial property, allowing you to save thousands on electric and utility bills. Not all solar panels perform the same, mind you, so it’s important to work with top technicians, like the experts at Option One Solar, to make sure you’re getting the best products out there!

    Option One Solar is a solar panel consultation and installation company based in Apple Valley, California. Recent updates to their product line include top-rated LG NeON R and REC Alpha Series models. Both models have been showcased by product review resources as two of the best brands for overall design, durability, and performance efficiencies while their manufacturers offer you long-term reliability and top warranty coverage.

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    Solar panels can cut your energy bills by 90% or more. Option One Solar eliminates your out-of-pocket costs by providing you with customized design and installation services that incorporate top-rated solar panel models from reliable manufacturers to ensure you get long-term functionality and appropriate warranties.

    Family-owned and operated, the Option One Solar company has its roots in the aerospace industry. Founder Jerry Thomas began his engineering career by working on fighter jet electronics while serving in the US Air Force, and as an electrical supervisor for the Apollo Space Command. He then worked for the City of Pasadena as Chief Electrical Engineer and Inspector. Seventeen years later Thomas left the public sector to apply his knowledge and experience to the growth of Option One Solar.

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    To help you make the best solar panel product and installation decisions, Option One Solar will analyze your energy use to design a customized solar panel system that will maximize your savings, increase your home or office values, and complement exterior aesthetics.

    The company’s technicians begin the process with a site survey to ensure conditions are optimized for proper installations. Your design plans are then submitted to the city. Once designs are approved and permits are obtained the company’s engineers begin the one to two-day installation process.

    All your costs, payment terms and long-term savings are discussed at the outset of your project so you know what to expect and can approve all steps. The company also offers you system monitoring and ongoing support once your installation is complete.

    By updating services to include the best in today’s solar panel models and manufacturers, the team at Option One Solar will help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy costs.

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