This Laser Direct Imaging LDI Lithography Digital Device Saves Time & Money


    Technology company miDALIX will cut your costs with this highly efficient, low-cost lithography tool. The advanced laser technology removes the need for a photomask and makes it simple for you to transfer the design to the substrate.

    A direct-write, software-controlled lithography machine called the DaLI has been launched on the US market by miDALIX. The DaLI is a universal, tabletop, maskless lithography system for all standard photoresists. It is an affordable cutting-edge technology tool that is ideal for research facilities such as laboratories and universities.

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    Recently launched, the system is easy-to-use and you could operate it successfully even with no previous experience of laser lithography. The process can be fully controlled via a PC and, utilizing the intuitive design of the DaLI, plus the proprietary software, you can significantly reduce the time taken to produce prototypes, and make design amendments.

    Maskless lithography offers you both cost and time savings since it removes the complicated process of sample-to-mask alignment. The system is compact and convenient for table-top use, it is capable of writing to a sub-nanometer level, it offers you multi-layer alignment, and is thermally stable.

    Substrate preparation is the first stage in the lithography process and involves careful cleaning to remove any contaminants. After which, a uniform film of photoresist is applied to the substrate so that the pattern can be exposed using the DaLI’s precisely guided laser beam. Finally, during the development process, either the exposed or unexposed photoresist areas are dissolved.

    Commonly used in the production of semiconductors and printed circuit boards, you can apply the technology to MEMS, photomask production, quantum devices, micro-optics, and more. Detailed information on the technology process can be found at

    Supplied to you with the exclusive DaLI software and a CAD library, the package includes a chiller to provide temperature stabilization, and all the required cables and hoses. The chiller enables improved precision and reliability for the microstructuring process while the CAD allows individual, unique designs to be created or imported and modified.

    A spokesperson for the University of Nova Gorica said: “The DaLI is a device that allows us to accurately fabricate metal electrodes on nanostructures, which is crucial for the course of our research. We use the device daily, several days a week. We appreciate its accuracy, compactness, speed, friendly interface, and extensive range of structure design tools.”

    Use the latest technology in laser lithography to shorten your prototyping time, lower your costs and maximize your flexibility. It is perfect for research and development environments where regular and numerous changes in design are required.

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