HBO The Deuce Producer Marc Henry Johnson Releases Complete Screenwriting Tips


    Looking for the best tips to make your writing more compelling? Check out Marc Henry Johnson’s new blogs and videos for tons of amazing ideas that you can apply right now!

    Award-winning HBO producer Marc Henry Johnson has released a full range of new resources for aspiring TV writers, actors and producers. From an updated screenwriting tips blog to his YouTube channel and a revamped company page, Marc aims to help those new to the movie industry improve their screenwriting and production skills.

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    Marc’s newly updated content has been designed as a set of practical tools and resources for beginner screenwriters and actors.

    His blog features various informative articles on topics such as writing good TV and movie climaxes, writing scary stories, and creating compelling character arches.

    One of Marc’s newest blogs is On Writing Good TV & Movie Climaxes: 4 Tips. The new blog will help you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to writing climaxes by using a series of effective anticipation-building techniques.

    As part of his practical screenwriting tips series, Marc has also published an article on how to write good scary stories. His recommendations include striking a balance between what is shown to the audience and what is held back, as well as ensuring that the stakes are high enough to make the audience engage with your story on a deep level.

    Marc’s updated YouTube channel features more general advice on how to sell a story to a producer, making changes to a story and others. You can find Marc’s videos at

    With the latest announcement, Marc continues to expand his range of resources for beginner screenwriters, actors and producers.

    Marc Henry Johnson is best known as a writer and producer for the HBO series The Deuce. He has won numerous awards, including a Peabody and the Dramatic Jury Prize at Sundance, and he has also produced an Emmy-nominated documentary series, The Awful Truth. For more on Marc’s work, please visit

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