How To Generate Leads and Boost Revenue with Automated Sequences on Messenger


    What if you could have a chatbot that automatically generates leads and revenue for your business?

    Learn how to create custom automated sequences with ManyChat and the free training program by Matt Leitz, the CEO and founder of BotBuilders.

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    The program is perfect for online business owners and for those looking to get more leads and sales by utilizing bots. The new training program teaches you how to build and set up general customer interactions, conversations, and personalized sequences that will generate leads.

    The purpose of the ManyChat Training is to equip online marketers and business owners with the right tool for automating some of their marketing and sales processes online.

    According to the Drift’s Conversational Marketing Report in 2020, almost 25 percent of buyers engaged chatbots to interact with businesses and inquire about their products and services. The same report showed that 87 percent of consumers have a positive experience with chatbots. Don’t you want to bring the same experience to your prospective clients?

    The ManyChat bot training program by Matt Leitz will provide in-depth information on sales automation. Users will learn how to automate entire messaging sequences and how to turn prospects and leads into loyal buyers.

    Participants in the program can enjoy higher levels of lead generation, sales boost and improved support.

    They can discover expert tactics for using chatbots, with the end result of dominating their market niche.

    BotBuilders have also created other notable chatbots like Clever Investor, which has been ranked #1 on Facebook under Finance Category. Manychat bot is the latest, groundbreaking chatbot created by BotBuilders.

    A spokesperson for BotBuilders shared, “Regardless of the opportunities online marketers have missed in the past, Manychat bot can change everything.”

    You can find more information about the ManyChat bot training course by Matt Leitz at

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