How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Can Help Your Business Recovery Plan


    As the global pandemic continues to spread, businesses around the world are seeing their disaster recovery and business continuity plans tested to the limit. Accessibility, security, and cost continue to determine how your organization and its employees remain productive during these times.

    If you are looking for a secure, cost-effective, and scalable way to ensure business continuity, Technology Source now offers custom cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions for your business.

    Virtual Desktop Access For Business Continuity

    The national technology sourcing firm has expanded its portfolio of secure cloud DaaS solutions to support your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The firm’s team of technology advisors and experts manages deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that gives your business access to your critical business applications and data without compromising data security.

    Technology Source specializes in the sourcing, deployment, and management of the DaaS solution through US-based teams. The company’s VDI solution is tailored to your specific business needs and delivers predictable performance and scalability at a competitive price.

    DaaS allows your employees to work from home with seamless access to the technology they need for their tasks.

    DaaS Security & Scalability

    Unlike businesses that place their intellectual property and confidential data on public clouds such as AWS or Azure, the Technology Source DaaS solution uses secure private clouds with multi-factor authentication for each dedicated user. All your data is accessed through company-approved devices and is stored on Tier 5 data centers with full HIPAA and Service Organization Controls (SOC) compliance.

    Technology Source offers a high degree of transparency, partnering with more than 500 global vendors who directly supply your server, network, storage, backup, and security needs. Virtual desktops allow organizations to offer fast, secure access to applications and data from anywhere in the world.

    Who We Are

    Founded in 1998, Technology Source is a full-service technology distributor headquartered in Santa Ana, CA.Today, we offer more than 87 business solutions to over 3,600 clients in 60 countries, partnering with 500+ of the world’s top technology providers to help you power growth and efficiency.

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