Improve Your Tech Business With These Supply Chain Corporate Networking Events


    Learn new business strategies, network within your industry and embrace innovation at the renowned Alcor Wealth business conferences and exhibitions!

    Alcor Wealth, a Canadian management consultancy firm that organizes physical and virtual conferences and exhibitions, has launched a new programme of corporate events.

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    The recently launched programme organizes a wide selection of events, including exhibitions, training programmes, workshops, networking activities, and facilitates face to face meetings between businesses and buyers.

    Virtual summits, keynote presentations, and interactive panel discussions are also included and are delivered across five continents, and 10 countries.

    These corporate events are ideally suited to businesses who want to implement new strategies and embrace innovation in their company. Each event is organized to a high standard and includes high-quality research into areas such as technology and product development.

    The events are provided to four key industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and supply chain, and help to connect more than 500 buyers.

    The events are delivered both virtually and in-person and you can visit the company’s website to view the full programme of events. You can click on the ‘view more’ tab to find more information on what the event covers, how and where it is delivered, and how to register.

    One of the company’s upcoming events is the Alcor Hotel Tech Forum which takes place on March 5th 2021 as an e-conference. More information on this event can be found by visiting

    Other events include the Digital Marketing And Finance Innovation Summit, the Alcor Medical Device Conference, and the Food And Beverages Innovation Conference.

    You are encouraged to keep up to date with the company and their upcoming programme of events by visiting

    A previous attendee of one of the events says, “Brilliant event. An extraordinary blend of provider/merchant delegates. Very much run and sorted out. Magnificent data given by a wide margin. The best capacity/occasion for business purposes.”

    Alcor Wealth is a consultancy firm that organizes and manages virtual and physical conferences, exhibitions and training events.

    They consider themselves to be the leading experts in this industry and are passionate about organizing futuristic summits that are focused on problem-solving and include comprehensive learning programmes.

    Are you ready to build your business?

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