Increase Customer Engagement & Business Workflows With Cutting-Edge CRM Tools


    If you want the best tools to run your business, it’s important to have a quality CRM solution. That’s where EXACTA can help with the latest version of their product!

    EXATCA Corporation, the Wisconsin-based data privacy specialist, has launched an updated version of its popular CRM tool. The Corporate Organizer CRM solution is a cloud-based tool that enables small to medium businesses to integrate all their information across departments.

    Check it out today and see how it can take your business and online presence to the next level!

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    The newly updated tool offers full-service integration across sales, marketing, workforce recruitment, human resources, and vendor management.

    Corporate Organizer Version 3 has a new interface and dashboard, updated employment applications, and enhanced indexing for its built-in document manager. In addition to this, it features a more robust scheduling feature set that allows for optimal marketing automation processes and sales orchestration.

    One of the primary benefits of using the newly updated tool is that it provides you with one common interface to manage all your business relationships. Because it allows for a more unified approach, employees can be moved within the company wherever they’re needed.

    Little to no additional training is required when in-house moves take place, because all the necessary information is available on the platform.

    CRM tools are an important element of running an online business, because they make it easier for you to manage customer relationships and communications. These relationships are seen as a bridge between what the business is offering and what the customer needs, and adopting a CRM system allows clients to optimize and enhance their core business processes.

    Corporate Organizer CRM is designed to be easy to setup and use. This ensures that you receive an immediate return on your investment. Business owners are able to utilize the tool to simplify their businesses workflows and make work management easier.

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    The tool can lead to improved customer relationships, better satisfaction, and more trust. It also enhances marketing campaigns and allows clients to elevate their business with improved prospecting and lead generation.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “From capturing contact data and translating directly into prospects, to generating a quick letter with labels for snail-mailing, Corporate Organizer CRM is the first and only platform that actually reduces your labor company-wide.”

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