Learn How To Boost Revenue With Expert Conversational-Selling Chat-Bot Services


    Does your company use conversational selling? Learn how chat-bots can provide an effective and efficient solution.

    Amazon’s Alexa blog has published an interview with conversational marketing expert Eliav Cohen, the founder of conversational marketing agency The Bot Lab.

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    The new Amazon Alexa blog article is entitled ‘Conversational Selling: The New Way to Boost Your Sales’, and provides insights from Mr. Cohen as a subject-matter-expert in the field.

    Conversational marketing/selling is the process of engaging with customers and prospects in real-time dialogue. The aim of conversational selling is to reduce the lead-to-sales timeframe by eliminating the delay between inquiry and reply.

    In the past, conversational selling was labor intensive, as it required company representatives to host the conversation. More recently, AI has seen the rise of chat-bots that can fulfill the role in the online space. Amazon’s recent interview with The Bot Lab focused on this growing technology.

    In the interview, Mr. Cohen offered three key takeaway points: set expectations from the start, focus on context, personalization, and speed, and it doesn’t matter if companies use chat-bots or live representatives.

    When using chat-bots, Mr. Cohen encourages you to be honest about the capabilities of the technology. “Many of our enterprise customers have bots that can answer almost any question but still give the option to book a meeting or chat with a live rep with a button,” Cohen says. “It’s also important to let people know if the bot is still learning and that if they don’t get the answer they are looking for, they’ll be routed to chat with a live person.”

    Mr. Cohen also stated that effective conversational selling comes down to three key factors: context, personalization, and speed. A personal and relevant conversation is just as important as ensuring that your customers’ questions are satisfactorily and efficiently answered.

    Finally, Cohen stated that as long as your customers have their questions answered, they don’t care if they are talking to a chat-bot or a real human. Chat-bots provide an efficient and cost-effective means for many businesses to provide a conversational selling service.

    Eliav Cohen, founder of The Bot Lab stated: “Customers and prospects want an experience that is both personalized and contextual while giving them the opportunity to get their one or two questions answered now, while they are on the website.”

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