Manage UK Medical Patient Records With This Cloud-Based Integrated Platform


    Improve efficiency and communicate with your patients online. London, UK-based supplier of integrated software solutions Power Diary has launched a new practice management system designed specifically for use by medical professionals and clinics.

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    As the influence of technology continues to permeate all walks of life, the recently launched platform helps your medical practice to better integrate its operations with a more digitally oriented clientele.

    The events of 2020 demonstrated how important technology has become, with many businesses able to continue operating during lockdowns as a result of modern digital tools. The medical profession was no exception, as telemedicine services were rapidly introduced to prevent unnecessary contact.

    While some medical centres deployed temporary solutions, many now suggest that the provision of remote medical services is here to stay. Incorporating an integrated telemedicine video feature, as well as comprehensive client record-keeping and appointment management functions, the new practice management system from Power Diary helps you to digitise almost every aspect of your operation.

    The full host of features includes diary management, client communications via SMS, email, and letter, online bookings, invoicing and payments, a clinical notes database, online forms and questionnaires, and full reporting and analytics.

    The new system can be customised to your own practice’s requirements, and can be fully integrated with existing platforms and services such as invoicing tools. The booking function can be linked through your practice’s website, enabling a seamless online experience for your patients.

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    Utilising cloud-based technology, the new system provides you with a full suite of documents such as patient intake forms. All client records are securely stored in the cloud, allowing you and your support staff to access details remotely by phone, tablet, or laptop.

    Already used by thousands of medical professionals across 23 countries, the practice management system from Power Diary offers physicians an all-in-one digital platform for the modern age.

    One satisfied physician stated: “My business could not function without Power Diary. It enables our staff to work from anywhere. We love that we can customise the program to suit our business.”

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