#NeverTrump App Picks Up Steam Heading Into the General Election


The #NeverTrump app helps Hillary Clinton supporters connect with third-party supporters in key battleground states to exchange votes and keep Donald Trump from becoming president. The app allows voters to pledge to exchange votes.

Democratic voters in Democratic states can exchange votes in key swing states to leverage the power of their vote.

A person in California, for example, would vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, while the person they traded their vote with would vote for Clinton. The app works to enhance a voter’s voting power across state lines where a vote would have greater influence.

Amit Kumar created the app at his Silicon Valley firm, Trimian.

Kumar, an immigrant from India, explained to NBC News that many people don’t get out and vote because their vote doesn’t matter as much. The ability to exchange votes can have a greater impact in swing states and remove the excuses that keep people in their homes instead of at polling stations on November 8.

The app works on a merit system. Users can also chat with the person they are matched with to discuss a vote swap.

Trading votes isn’t new. Websites encouraged the practice in 2000.

The practice is legal, with the federal appeals court stating that trading your vote is “constitutionally protected free speech and conduct.”

#NeverTrump has been downloaded over 25,000 times with 9,000 votes traded so far, according to Kumar.

The app’s creator stated that Stein and Johnson voters are willing to swap votes because all parties agree that a Trump presidency could be a major disaster for the country.

The app matches voters based on their profile and instantly matches members willing to swap votes. Users can be picky and choose which states they want to swap votes in, too.

The idea is that voters in swing states will swap their votes in a state Clinton is likely to win, such as California, so that their candidate is chosen and their vote can sway the election in Clinton’s favor in their swing state.