Samsung Updates Smart View App to Stream Media to Your TV

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Samsung is expanding into the streaming market with an update to the company’s Stream View app. The news leaked via Variety last week when the publication posted screenshots of the Smart View app connecting to a television.

The leak shows new features added to the app through a future update.

Tabs are added to the app to connect to local media as well as streaming services Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. Users may be able to stream content from a variety of sources directly to their televisions.

The user’s smartphone will act as a remote control. Users will gain access to a search feature, too.

Samsung hasn’t commented on the leak yet. Rumors suggest that the update will be offered at CES 2017. The tradeshow takes place in Las Vegas and is dubbed the biggest tech trade show of the year. The tradeshow takes place on January 5 and lasts through January 8.

Samsung is expected to reveal the new update at CES. Samsung will hold a news conference on Wednesday, January 4.

Netflix is noticeably absent from the app’s screenshot. The company aims to offer one app as a unifier of content. The company is expected to reveal two new tablets at CES 2017 and an advanced 4K UHD monitor.

The company revealed the Galaxy A-series with the A3, A5 and A7 smartphones ahead of the tradeshow. Samsung is one of the largest exhibitors at CES.

Samsung revealed that it will announce new Smart TV services this year. the company will offer personalized content through the Smart Hub platform. The company confirmed that they’ll offer “Sports”, “TV Plus” and “Music” services through their platform.

Fans will have access to sports scores, and be able to watch UFC fights and NBC Sports. Smart Hub will offer content from eight music applications, including Spotify and Sirius XM.