Trigger App Introduces “Trump Trigger” Function for Investors

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Trigger, a finance app, allows users to customize the app to track and invest in the market. The app uses real-time data from reputable sources to all for if this then that rules to be set by users to make investing smarter.

Users can set triggers to sell half of their holdings if a stock reaches a certain milestone.

The app is making headlines on Friday by adding a new feature called “Trump Trigger.” The feature sends alerts and notifications to investors when president-elect Donald Trump tweets about a public company.

Trump’s tweets impact the market, with several companies losing billions in market share following a tweet.

The president-elect’s influence on the markets became apparent last month when Boeing stock tumbled as he announced scrapping plans for an Air Force One plane. Trump has threatened several companies with additional border taxes if they ship jobs or manufacturing to Mexico.

General Motors plans to manufacture the Chevy Cruze in Mexico, and Trump also threated the company with a big border tax.

Users of the Trigger app will receive alerts anytime a company is mentioned by Donald Trump. This feature allows users to prepare to sell a stock that is praised, or buy stocks as they tumble after the tweet.

Boeing’s stock did regain its losses, so a temporary lull in stock price allows investors to purchase stocks when they’re cheap.

Users will be alerted to companies in their portfolio, and commands can be set to “buy,” “short” or “sell” the stock.

The developer states, “His tweets on prices and contracts with public companies have had significant market moving events that make it more difficult for the everyday investor to stay on top of their investments.”

The app suggests this is just the first step in the company’s plan to offer relevant, contextual information to help investors make rational decisions when trading.