Protect Your Home With Automated Real-Time Security & 24/7 Surveillance


    Protect your home and keep your family safe thanks to the cutting-edge Deep Sentinel home security system. It’s the focus of a new report from Home Security Focus, which shows how important surveillance can be for any property.

    With Deep Sentinel, you get immediate intervention on any suspicious behavior outside your home. At the touch of a button, guards can engage the threat – and often the sound of their voice alone can prevent a crime from happening!

    Home Security Focus details the most important steps to take for clients wanting to safeguard their property and protect their family from criminal damage.

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    According to the latest research, most homeowners do not possess the ideal understanding to make their home safe. Without the required knowledge, the majority of US citizens might not have the ability to appropriately protect their home.

    Home Security Focus published the new report to provide functional advice for families across the country. It underscores the essential nature of home security, and how to employ simple measures to ensure a property is safe.

    Of particular importance is the need for a home security system. Statistics reveal that the average price of theft in the US is $3,000, and the effect of crime on a family can have far-reaching personal consequences.

    Home security systems are purpose-built to prevent crimes happening and act as a deterrence before a break-in occurs. Home Security Focus recommends Deep Sentinel as a leading system on the market, because it pairs artificial intelligence with human intervention.

    The Deep Sentinel system utilizes motion-sensitive cameras, which immediately record video to a personal hub over a secure wireless signal. Artificial intelligence assesses the situation, and LiveSentinel guards can provide human evaluation.

    Guards intervene on your behalf using the camera’s two-way audio or built-in siren. Law enforcement can be alerted, and because every situation is verified, the police take immediate action.

    Deep Sentinel provides 30-second response to robbery, burglary, auto theft, violent behavior or assaults, package theft attempts, and suspicious behavior outside the home.

    The new report from Home Security Focus states: “Home safety and security systems don’t just protect property owners from robberies, but are additionally valuable when it comes to an emergency situation. If your residence catches on fire, your protection system signals the local fire department.”

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